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Comsof stopped the development of its Cost Modelling Software platform TelecomCostExpert. The actual software version is working flawlessly and we ensure continued support to our existing customers (software usage as well as consultancy assignments). Our cost modelling know-how also remains guaranteed and companies looking for cost modelling software or consultancy in this domain may still contact us. We or one of our dedicated partners will be able to support you.

As a Telecom enterprise, you need clear insight in your cost structures to empower your decision‑making and regulatory compliance processes. TelecomCostExpert provides you with the information you need to identify and justify costs, helping you improve your product portfolio, cost efficiency and investment strategies. TelecomCostExpert handles your complex models flexibly, with maximum transparency, best‑in‑class quality assurance and unmatched reporting capabilities.

Top-Down cost modelling types

Historical, current and LRIC

TelecomCostExpert supports top-down cost modelling that is based on the present (or past) situation and cost, using information from both accounting and network inventory systems. Costs are distributed in a logical and justifiable way over end-user products or services. TelecomCostExpert supports various types of top‑down cost modelling:

Historical Cost Accounting with the TelecomCostExpertHistorical cost accounting – fully allocated costing: all historical costs are 100% distributed over all end products or services accounted for in the model.

Current cost accounting with TelecomCostExpert by ComsofCurrent cost accounting – fully allocated costing: all current costs are 100% distributed over all end products or services accounted for in the model.

Long run incremental costing LRIC with TelecomCostExpert by ComsofLong run incremental costing: all incremental fixed and variable costs for subsets of end-products are identified based on cost/volume relationships of source costs.

TelecomCostExpert is praised for its efficiency, clarity and reliability

It is being used in the telecom sector around the world.

Efficient cost modelling with TelecomCostExpertComplex cost modelling made efficient

TelecomCostExpert streamlines your cost modelling process with efficiency in mind. Since 2002, TelecomCostExpert has been used by several telecom operators and regulatory agencies worldwide. It has been applied to a wide variety of complex cost models with many intermediate cost stages – often using more than 100,000 allocation keys. Actions such as linking costs to products or services, and running multiple cost allocation simulations, now take only a few minutes.

Trust the integrity and validity of your cost model by TelecomCostExpertTrust the integrity and validity of your cost model
TelecomCostExpert is a proven solution that has been tuned and refined over the years by a dedicated team of developers with extensive experience in top-down cost modelling. TelecomCostExpert also features a built-in quality check, which automatically verifies the consistency and integrity of your electronic model, making sure your model is complete and valid. Project versioning helps you keep track of the development of your model, enabling you to retrace earlier versions of your model.

Seamless scalable and flexible solution by TelecomCostExpertA seamless, scalable and flexible solution
TelecomCostExpert allows for seamless in- and output of data, ensuring compatibility with other software. The tabular interface makes modifying the cost structure an orderly process. At all times you can add or change products and services, cost drivers and allocation keys. TelecomCostExpert features an unlimited number of allocation stages and keys, and even allows for allocation relations linked to external data such as time sheets, routing factors or complex mark-ups.

Informed decisions with intelligent reporting by TelecomCostExpertMake informed decisions with intelligent reporting
With TelecomCostExpert you can generate your own custom reports, even without programming skills. The report configuration wizard turns selecting and extracting a customised report into a straightforward task. TelecomCostExpert enables you to tailor your reports to meet new regulatory requirements and to answer the specific business challenges you are facing. With TelecomCostExpert, you make decisions based on clear, elaborate and reliable insights, having compared multiple scenarios.

Intelligent reporting

Example of a detailed cost breakdown report

What our customers say ...

Migrating our Excel‑based cost allocation model to TelecomCostExpert and adopting the new tool to build and explore new models was a great success, thanks to the flexibility and user‑friendliness of Comsof.

Lydia Clarke-Misidjang

Manager Economic Affairs, Telesur - Suriname

Using TelecomCostExpert with the professional support of Comsof allowed us to improve the reliability of our cost models and significantly reduce the time to report on different cost analyses.

Steven Tas

Vice-President Regulatory, Belgacom - Belgium

TelecomCostExpert gives us a clear and unique insight in the complex cost structures of a service with efficient and flexible reporting and visualization, allowing us to understand the impact of different scenarios.

Tyronne Heerenveen

Policy & Market Regulation, Bureau Telecommunications and Post - Curaçao

TelecomCostExpert extra serviceAssistance during construction of the cost model
Designing a top-down cost model can be a very complex task. Comsof is able to assist you during this process. Our experts can call upon their vast knowledge of regulatory reporting requirements and their broad experience in network‑based sectors.

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