TelecomCostExpert_LogoUpcoming webinar – Sept 6, 2016

Telecom Top-Down Cost Modelling: Hands-on with TelecomCostExpert


  • September 6, 2016 at 5PM CET

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As a Telecom enterprise, you need clear insight in your cost structures to empower your decision‑making and regulatory compliance processes. But particularly for the Telecom sector top-down cost models are highly complex and thus often hard to manage using generic software products.

TelecomCostExpert by Comsof is designed to solve these challenges, making even the most complex cost models reliable, performant and clear.

In our webinar we demonstrate to you how TelecomCostExpert allows you to build and validate different types of top-down cost models (including FAC and LRIC models) and provides you with the information you need to identify and justify costs, helping you improve your product portfolio, cost efficiency and investment strategies.